No dog is ever too old or young to start learning their manners. We use AKC canine good citizen guide lines as a base for canine etiquette 


Our Trainers are selected because they have a genuine care for canines and wish to give their all to each and every dog. We use positive reinforcement as our base for dog training but we also make sure to stay up to date with new scientific research on dog psychology and behavior. This is how we can assure that our training is top notch and will make for a happy and eager to learn dog along with easy ways for you to get involved! 

Denver Positive Reinforcement Based Dog Training.

Puppy Training

The Training

Canine Etiquette
personalized training

We strive to have dog parents begin early, although that cannot always be the case if you have the ability to work with your dog from puppy hood we want to help you take advantage of it! 

No two dogs are the same. We have initial conference so that we are able to determine what you wish to work on, what the dog needs, and what our best course of action is.